Exploring Singapore

Hello! This should be divided into about 3 posts, but it’s your lucky day - they’re all in one! I thought I should update what has happened in the last couple of months. We have had some of the house issues fixed, and others have cropped up. We still have a list of maintenance work to be done, but I’m sort-of over it all and have started making them work around my schedule. The two big things, leak #2 and the floor damage from leak #1 are still not fixed. Luckily, leak #2 is in a shower, so the issue is minimized aside from the ceiling. In other news, driving has gotten much easier! I no longer feel like I’m driving down the wrong side of an interstate every time I’m on the road, so that’s a win!

We received our air freight! This means that the kids have bikes and most of their toys! We also have TV and Internet. Rainy days have gotten a whole lot easier! Our sea freight should arrive in Singapore this week. It will take some time to get through customs, and then we will have our bed and outdoor furniture. I’m pretty excited to be finally “moved in!”

We have tried to explore some of Singapore in the last month and a half. We took the kids to Sentosa, which I talked about in my last post. We also took them to the Art and Science Museum. They had exhibits on Marvel comics as well as these contraptions called “wind walkers.” It was all very interesting and the kids had a good time trying out their best super hero expressions.

We walked through Marina Bay Sands and checked out the giant fountain and indoor canal. The fountain has a whirlpool at the top, and it spills into the canal (which is in the mall, complete with gondolas). Every shop in this mall is high end. It’s all a sight to take in!

We also took the kids to Gardens By The Bay. They have two domes, the flower dome and the the cloud dome. The flower dome has a display that changes regularly. When we visited the theme was sunflowers with a Wizard of Oz twist.

The cloud dome is filled with rain forest plants and has a beautiful orchid display. Some of the orchids are teeny tiny!

The kids thought the trees and lanterns were fun too. The display in the flower dome is changing now, so this will probably be a frequent location, especially for rainy days!

The kids are enjoying school. Amelia is playing soccer with a club on Saturdays. She’s enjoying it and learning a lot!

Last week I was able to go on a field trip to Little India with her first grade class where the children learned about Deepavali or Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. We visited a temple, a wet market (where Amelia got to hold a shark), the bazaar, and ate some (mild) Indian food. (Amelia isn’t really a fan.)

We’ve taken a couple of trips in the last month and have had our first visitor! I’ll share all that in future blog posts!

♥ Rebecca