The Curse of the Second-Born Child

Dear Baby Boy,

So far I think you’re falling under the curse of the Second-Born Child. When your sister was born, I made a point to jot down important dates and milestones. It’s not that I don’t notice these things this time around. I relish in every moment. So far with you, there are a few things I have tried to burn into my memory. However, I haven’t yet written them down… I just don’t take the time in the moment to do so. I swore I would never be that mom. The mom who makes a baby book for baby #1 filled with stories and memories and baby #2 gets a shoebox full of random objects with no apparent rhyme or reason to their inclusion. Yet, here I am, on my way to indeed becoming that mom. So today, I resolve to try to change that. I will break the curse of the Second-Born Child, and you will get the time and the attention you deserve. You are a gift from God, an answer to my prayers, and I will do what I can to capture these memories for both of us.

So here are my thoughts. They may be a little random and scattered, but you should just get used to that from the beginning. After my first 30-some years of life, I doubt that will change.

Let’s take a moment and talk about your name. This is one area where I might be hyper-attentive. I’ve had friends tell me I’m “over-thinking this.” Am I??  Really?!? I feel like so much goes into a name. And a name can say a lot about a person. I want you to be able to work construction with this name or be a CEO of a company. I don’t want your name to color other’s opinions of you in a negative light without giving you a chance to shine doing whatever you love.

The name game was complex when your sister was born. This time it was worse. First, we had much less time to think about names. Life is just too busy! Second, it seemed there was always a reason to nix a name.

Too popular.

I worked with a student once named ______ and now I only think of him when I hear that name.

That doesn't flow well with our last name.

I met a kid named _______ once.  He was a Holy Terror. Better stay away...

So tell me Baby Boy, who are you? We are a few quick days away from your arrival and the “short” list of names (currently 7!) seems to change daily. (Don’t even ask how many names are on the “long” list!) I just hope when you arrive we will know who you are. Then perhaps you can grow into your name, become whoever it is you are meant to be, and shine.  One thing I can promise you, we will not name you “Kiwi” or “Peanut Butter Easter Egg” like your sister has suggested. Yes, I know.  It is illogical to ask a 3-year old’s opinion on such matters, but sometimes a person is desperate. Luckily, we have the short list, so  Peanut Butter Easter Egg you will not be.

Lots of Love,