Happy Birthday!

If you are slightly squeamish or really don't want to see photos of a beautiful baby straight from the womb, you should stop reading now. We debated sharing these photos, but decided they were way too cool to keep to ourselves. At least I think so... But hey - I may be biased.

I really wanted photos of this baby's birth. Birth photographers are expensive. They're on-call and work odd hours. They have to be available all the time. This costs a pretty penny. I also really wanted a new camera. New cameras are expensive. In the end, the camera won out. No birth photographer for me.

In lieu of a birth photographer, I asked Tom if he would take a few photos. (I thought I might be a bit preoccupied.) I showed him a few examples of what I wanted, and he agreed. I was hoping for one good photo. After all, he would be a little busy too...

What I got was this.

Words cannot describe how happy I am that Tom was able to freeze this moment for us! These photos make my heart sing.

Happy Birthday Theodore!